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Exhibitions  (selection)

2019, Salon des Refusés, London and Margate (group show)

2019 17:59+4, Globe Road, London (group show)

2017 Signs & Directions: London Housing Options, Crystal Palace Park, London

2016 30*Celsius, ASC Gallery, London (group show)

2014 Iridescent,  Darnley Gallery, Hackney, London (group show)

2014 Fun Palaces Crystal Palace, London 

Performances and Interventions

2017 Signs & Directions, Crystal Palace Festival, London

2016 Sanity – Work in Progress, Crystal Palace – Pimlico, London

2016 Carrying The Sign, Crystal Palace, London

2015 Up Yours / Scaffolding, Crystal Palace, London  

Professional Development and Activities  

2016   Symposium #5 ‘’Latour: On Actor Network Theory’’ (chair), The Field, London

2016   Symposium #9  ‘’Groys: Under the Gaze of Theory’’ (respondent), The Field

2016  ASC Open Studios

2014 – 2018 Art Courses London (co-founder), London

2014 – 2018  Saturday Peer Group,  co-facilitator


For all enquiries please contact: [email protected]

My work is a process of transmuting a sense of dread and terror. I often start with an intimate and extempore public performance with incidental or no human audience and extend my performance through photographs, diagrams and installations. I rewrite my story, parts of which I find echoed in others’ histories. I analyse social aspiration, and tamper with it to explore the condition of self-containment. 

I live and work in London. Often outside, sometimes from my studio at ASC in South-East London.